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Piccolo XR

Advanced Two Way Radio RTU for the IRRInet System

The Piccolo XR is a small sized wireless Remote Terminal Unit that operates as an integral part of the IRRInet system. The Piccolo XR operates up to 4 latched outputs and may receive up to 7 digital inputs (model dependent).

The PIU (Piccolo  Interface Unit) is connected to the IRRInet Field Unit, and communicates with Piccolo-XR units via its internal two-way low-power radio.
The Piccolo XR and PIU are equipped with internal 10/100mWatt radios (configurable).
In order to extend radio coverage the Piccolo XR is capable of operating in a networking mode using numerous hops.

The Piccolo XR available in 4 I/O’s models:

  • 1 Output 1 Input
  • 2 Output’s 2 Input’s
  • 4 Output’s 4 Input’s
  • 1 Output’s 7 Input’s

The Piccolo XR is designed to work in nearly all environments. With its Self-Contained, Secured enclosure system, the XR can be installed in minutes ready to work with your IRRInet system. Thousands of units have already been installed throughout the world in applications that range from agriculture and municipal irrigation control systems to portable flood management systems.




The Cabinet Assembly System (CAS) is a Motoir enclosure with a built in solar panel and a strong integrated locking system to prevent vandalism and un-authorized access.

Due to the very low energy consumption of the Piccolo XR the battery can operate without recharging for a significant period of time. However, we provide the unit with a very small 6V/90mA solar panel that extends the battery life for a very long period and ensures a stable energy supply and reliable communication.



The XR is utilized in hundreds of various applications across thousands of units.

  • Irrigation Control – Controlling Irrigation functions such as Valves, Water meters, Starting/Stopping Pumps and Fertigation
  • Master valve control – Within HOA’s, and Cities, the XR is controlling master valves and always looking for leaks or malfunctions to prevent catastrophe
  • Vast Monitoring – Monitoring Soil Moisture, Pressure, Movement, Water Levels, pH, Salinit

Advanced and autonomic communication capabilities

The Piccolo XR operates on low power radio that is built into the control unit. With range capabilities of 2-3 km depending on the terrain. With its powerful Store and Forward capabilities, the XR’s range can be extended.


Technical Specifications:

Frequency range (PIU and Piccolo XR)

  • 430-450MHz
  • 450-470MHz

PIU – I/O capacity

  • Up to 248 inputs and 248 outputs
  • Internal UHF two way radio
  • RS232 communication to IRRInet field unit
  • RS485 communication to IRRInet field unit

Piccolo XR and PIU Power Supply

  • External 6VDC for Piccolo XR
  • 6 to 12VDC for PIU

Available I/O modeles

  • 1 DI / 1 2 DO
  • 2 DI / 2 DO
  • 4 DI / 4 DO
  • 7 DI / 1 DO

Environmental Conditions

Operating temperature: -30° C to + 60° C
(-22° F to + 140° F)



  • Integral unit of the IRRInet system
  • Powerful Store & Forward capabilities
  • Very Low power consumption
  • 4 different models