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The Mottech System

System Overview

Comprehensive, advanced and accurate water control & management system

Mottech offers its customers from diverse segments of the water and irrigation business worldwide, unparalleled technological and operational advantages for their daily water management needs.

Motorola’s IRRInet system, serving as the core platform for Mottech’s solutions, is a proven enterprise-grade solution which is designed to be customized for each project and site coupled with Mottech’s global support commitment the control solution and the products it consists of have long become the industry’s standard for operational excellence.

The IRRInet Control System solution Includes:

• ICC PRO irrigation management software tools

• IRRInet field controllers

• Wireline and wireless RTUs

• Two-way communication system

The IRRInet communication infrastructure is comprised of a wide variety of wireline and wireless communication types, including private cellular, radio, 2-wire cables, the Internet and more.

The ICC PRO software creates a comprehensive, advanced and accurate water control and management systems provides a reliable, centralized & remote irrigation control platform which communicates with all the system’s components while monitoring and controlling all relevant sites. It provides real-time status reporting of all irrigation and water system elements and enables accurate operation of the irrigation programs and schedules. At the same time, this user-friendly platform provides constant monitoring and performance analysis of all equipment components.

The Motorola IRRInet platform is the ideal choice for monitoring and controlling irrigation systems, delivering accurate, reliable and relevant data from multiple remote sites. The IRRInet has a unique Data Store and Forward feature, enabling wide-area coverage and automatic rerouting of failed messages to a redundant communication link. In addition, the IRRInet enables remote diagnostics and remote download/upload of programs.




  • Real-time control & monitoring system
  • Easy and efficient operation via desktop & mobile phone
  • Significant water and energy savings
  • Operating and monitoring via mobile phone
  • Secure access limited to authorized personnel
  • Variety of communication options
  • Dynamic, accurate and automatic allocation of water and fertilizer
  • Advanced planning and diverse design capabilities for physical and virtual irrigation zones
  • Substantial yield growth
  • Flexible and real-time allocation of water budgets to each valve according to daily evapotranspiration (ET)
  • Real-time alerts

System Elements