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Connect and monitor an extended range of sensor types with the new Mottech multi-functional electronic Smart Card

The Mottech Smart Card provides a number of options in one card: an A to D converter, Pulse Splitter, Pulse Divider, and soon an interface for sensors that use communication protocols. The Smart Card easily integrates into Motorola IRRInet controllers, or can be supplied as an autonomous unit.

The Mottech Smart Card offers:


Thanks to the card’s energy-saving capability, the Mottech Smart Card works on the same power source as the Piccolo XR (6V battery and 60mA solar panel), IRRInet M, and other Motorola controllers.

No need for an additional battery, solar panel or charger.

Wide range of input voltages:

The Smart Card works with a wide range of input voltages, from 5.5VDC to 14.5VDC

Easy Integration:

The Mottech smart card can be supplied as:

  • An integral part of the IRRInet ACE, IRRInet M, Piccolo XR and Piccolo RTU
  • An independent autonomous unit

Operation Modes for Managing Energy Consumption

  • ALWAYS OPEN – Continuous sampling, with constant energy consumption
  • OPEN 1-MINUTE – Sampling every 1 minute, for an energy-saving mode
  • OPEN 5-MINUTE – Sampling every 5 minutes, for a super energy efficient mode