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Water Supply

Bradano, Italy | Substantial water, energy and time saving

Project Goals

The solution had to be cost effective, while providing complete, round-the-clock control and monitoring to regional authorities responsible for rural water distribution and irrigation.

The regional consortium needed a centralized remote control center, as well as complete system access from any other designated control point. Yet the solution had to be flexible and scalable, in order to provide automated, accurate and efficient irrigation according to crop type, as well as to track potential water leakage throughout the system.
The customer wanted a user-friendly system, with advanced and reliable communication. They also needed a system that could issue targeted urgent alerts, as well as on-demand summary reports of system activity.


City of Bradano, ITALY

Project scope

  • Monitoring and control of water distribution, pump stations, and irrigation of vineyards, vegetable farms, and citrus, apple, and olive orchards.

Number of managed sites:
• 102 irrigation sites
• 14 separate areas

Total m2: 5,000 Ha (50,000,000 square meters)

Number of managed elements:
• 4,000 control valves
• 7 pump stations
• 7 reservoirs

System Layout
Management & Control Center: ICC Pro Client

Field Units # of units Remote
Terminal Units 
# of units
IRRInet Controllers 110 Piccolo RTU 4000


The IRRInet remote control system, manufactured by Motorola Inc., with IRRInet Control Center (ICC) software managing water distribution and irrigation.

The control center had been configured for authorized users at the San Giuliano Dam, for remote monitoring and control of irrigation processes, pump stations, network communications, and system diagnostics. The ICC software also provides real-time information on reservoirs water level, flow values, water pressure, and other mission-critical data, as well as reporting.

Motorola’s unique radio communications protocol ensures full control of the water system throughout the hills and valleys typical of the Bradano region, approximately 60 km from the control center. The water and irrigation system is monitored and controlled through:
• 110 IRRInet controllers
• 4,000 Piccolo RTUs

The MDLC (Motorola Data Link Communication) protocol, based on ISO/OSI seven layers reference model, ensures efficient and reliable packet-style communications. This allows for a system-wide report-by-exception procedure, channel monitoring, and prioritization of site communication. The communication links between all IRRInet RTUs is executed through UHF radio.


The Rural Water Association of Bradano e Metaponto needed a solution that would save them water, energy and time.

The IRRInet solution, with total system control, can be expanded and modified to meet changing regional needs. And even in the case of infrastructure disruptions, IRRInet’s redundant communication paths ensure increased reliability and system continuity.

• Efficient water management
• Substantially reduced expenses
• Reduced energy consumption
• Increased agricultural yield