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Soon Piccolo RTU 4

The new Piccolo RTU4 casing has 4 digital outputs and 8 digital inputs for improved control and monitoring of agricultural irrigation and water supply systems.

Mottech proudly presents the Piccolo RTU 4 – the new Piccolo RTU casing.

Each new Piccolo RTU 4 contains up to four S.C. electronic cards, allowing the connection of up to 4 digital outputs and up to 8 digital inputs.

Key Characteristics
The new polypropylene casing is UV-protected, moisture-proof, and chemical-resistant — for extended durability even under harsh conditions. Easily installed on walls or poles, the low-maintenance Piccolo RTU 4 is ideal for cost-effective system expansion, including for existing S.C. users.
The new casing delivers increased flexibility. Each unit comprises three separate parts, allowing up to four Piccolo RTU cards to be fitted, each controlling its own solenoid type.

This top-of-the-line Motorola S.C. communication solution is connected in a series on a single cable for a distance of up to 10 km. The extended availability of inputs and outputs supports the simultaneous control and monitoring of a large variety of field elements such as valves, water meters, fertilizers, water pumps, filters, water pressure sensors, humidity sensors and more.

Together, the Piccolo RTU and the Piccolo RTU 4 offer the best agricultural irrigation control and water supply monitoring solution available in the market today.

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