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Mottech representative took part in the Israeli delegation to China

Mr. Yoni Scharf, Mottech’s China Region Manager presented Mottech solutions as part of the Israeli delegation to Shandong and Beijing, China

In May 2013, following a visit of the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, to China and a meeting with his Chinese counterpart, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the two heads of state have set forward an idea of creating a “Chinese-Israeli Water City”. The main concept of this city is to make a show case, for other cities in China, how  implementation of Israeli innovative water technologies, in fields such as Agriculture Irrigation, Water Treatment, Water desalination, and the city’s water distribution system, can contribute to water shortage, water quality and water management problems many cities in China are facing today. In November 2014 Shouguang City was announced to host this project during the Visit of Mr. Naftali Bennet (The Minister of Economy at that time). Shouguang, situated in Shandong Province, is known as the Heart of Vegetable growing in China. In recent years the city is facing a serious problem of water shortage due to declining level of underground water, which count for the city’s major water source – thus making the city a perfect choice for the “Chinese-Israeli Water City”.

In December 6, 2016 a delegation of 11 Israeli companies, organized by the Israeli New Tech Program of the Israeli Ministry of Economy & Industry, the City of Shouguang and the Chinese Central NDRC, set forth to China to participate in a Road Show and B2B meeting in Shandong and Beijing. Mottech Water Solutions, Being active in the Chinese market since 2012 has participated in the delegation. Mr. Yoni Scharf, Mottech’s China Region Manager, presented the Mottech’s advanced technologies in Water Management Solutions. Presentations took place in Shandong Province and Beijing in front of the Israeli Ambassador to China, Shandong Province Vice Governor, Leaders from China’s Central National Development and Reform Commission, and around 200 Water Technology related Chinese Enterprises. Following the presentations, formal B2B meetings were organized in order to enhance cooperation between Mottech and the Local Enterprises regarding to the “Chinese-Israeli” Water City and other water related projects in China.