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Mottech has just completed the installation of yet another IRRInet system in China

Mottech has just completed the installation of yet another IRRInet system in China.

The project, which was carried out in cooperation with the Chinese companies NDJ and YULU, was for a farm that grows fruits and vegetables in both open fields and in greenhouses in the Shaanxi region in northern China.

The installed system includes an IRRinet ACE unit, Piccolo XR wireless terminals, a complete weather station, soil moisture sensors and fertilization table. The system is hosted on Mottech’s ICC PRO 4 server in China, and it is operated via the ICC PRO smartphone app as well as on the farm’s computers (client mode).

In the words of the farm owner, Mr. Luo: “The system allows us to manage our irrigation in a smart and cost-effective manner, taking into consideration the quantities of water and fertilizer required on a precise, crop-by-crop basis. Aside from the significant savings in water and fertilizer, the IRRInet system will increase the farm’s yield.”

The project was carried out with the support of the city of Yangling as an Israel-China demonstration project for smart agricultural irrigation systems.

For the last 20 years the city of Yangling has been a  nationally recognized demonstration zone for agricultural high tech industries. It is the home of China’s most prestigious agriculture institute of higher learning (Northwest A&F University), and hosts the annual China Yangling Agriculture Hi-Tech Fair (, in which Mottech participated in November 2017.