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Case study: The Greening of Tel Aviv

Learn how Motorola’s IRRInet control system is provided as a managed service to Israel’s largest city—Tel Aviv—and helps keep this water-scarce city green and flowering year-round without exceeding water and financial budgets.

“The city of Tel Aviv is committed toproviding its residents with green and flowering areas all year-round. At the same time, we are responsible for our water and financial budgets. Motorola’s control system provides us with efficient and professional irrigation control, constant monitoring of water usage, day-to-day operation of the system, and an interface that allows contractors to deal with irrigation system failures and repairs. Motorola’s irrigation control system has been in use by the municipality of Tel Aviv for more than 20 years, maintained and operated at the highest level, allowing us to irrigate efficiently and save tens of thousands of cubic meters of water each year. We continue to develop and expand the gardens and parks in the city knowing that each garden will be irrigated in the most professional manner thanks to this control system.”
Benny Magzani, Deputy Director of the City Beautification Division, Municipality of Tel Aviv


Tel Aviv by the Numbers
Population: 430,000
Area: 12,300 acres
Landscaped areas and parks: 1,700 acres

The Motorola Control System in Tel Aviv
98% of the irrigation valves in Tel Aviv are controlled
by Motorola’s system:
Valves: 9,000
Water meters: 1,777
Irrigation controllers: 1,777
Water pumps: 55

The Motorola control system:
ICC PRO4 software
IRRInet field controllers: 73
IRRInet M as slave + Legacy Scorpio: 654
Piccolo XR: 1,050
PIU: 71

Goals and Objectives
Israel is a water-scarce country and each municipality is allotted a specific quantity of water for irrigation, based on the number of acres to be irrigated and the different types of plant material. The cost of water used to irrigate the city’s public parks is very high and the amount of money spent on irrigation water, is the municipalities largest single landscape expense. The goals of the municipality of Tel Aviv are:
• Precise irrigation control of each valve according to the water budget.
• Staying within the financial budget allocated for irrigating urban green spaces.
• Meeting the operational and reporting needs of the dozens of supervisors and contractors who maintain the landscape irrigation system.

Description of the Motorola Control System in Tel Aviv
Motorola’s irrigation control system in the city of Tel Aviv is operated from a control center located in the offices of the city’s Parks and Landscape Department. Four Mottech Israel (AQUA) employees staff the control center on-site, using the ICC PRO management software to operate the control system.Each system operator is responsible for all aspects of the control system within a specific geographic area of the city: day-to-day work with the contractors and supervisors, ins
uring functionality of the control and irrigation piping system, the quantities of water programmed for each valve, etc.

Personnel in the field; both supervisors and contractors, connect to the control system via the ICC PRO Browser on their smartphones, according to assigned permission levels. Each supervisor and contractor has access only to the geographic area where they work, and only to the activities deemed relevant to them. The ICC PRO Browser allows each field worker to easily and efficiently manage the system failures or alarms in their area of responsibility, allowing them to navigate to system heads and valves using applications such as Waze or Google Maps. The field workers locate the malfunctions, solve the problem and clear the alarm report in the system – all via the mobile phone, independently, and without overloading the control center personnel.
A Motorola controller is installed on every irrigation system. The controller operates the valves in the system and will monitor the water meter in order to calculate water flow and accumulation. The information from the controller is transmitted via wireless communication (cellular or radio) to the IRRInet unit in that area, and from there via cellular communications to the control center. The system also controls 55 water pressure pumps that are synchronized with the irrigation control system.

The Results
The municipality of Tel Aviv is able to operate within its water and financial budgets.
Because of the Motorola control system, the city consistently lowers the average amount of water used
per acre.
Each year the municipality continues to develop new gardens and parks, which are added to the irrigation control system.
The municipality is able to maintain fiscal and environmental responsibility by comparing water charges vs. actual water usage to insure they only pay for irrigation water that was actually used.