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ICC PRO 4’s advanced multi-level user access module lets you safely use one centralized irrigation control system for your entire and diverse municipal landscaping ecosystem. Read how ICC PRO 4 lets you easily assign the most appropriate access permissions for each contractor, supervisor, field worker, or administrator—from read-only access to a single system element, to full editing privileges across the entire system.

There is also no dispute that a single, cross-city water management system saves the city money — sometimes up to 35% in cost reductions — by dramatically reducing annual water consumption, optimal leak management, and best-practice water regimes.

A typical city consists of parks, sports and recreation areas, fountains, water treatment facilities — and each of these most likely has a dedicated contractor and supervisor experienced in optimizing the irrigation in their individual sector. How do you bring them all together under one centralized control and management system, while still maintaining each manager’s autonomy and independence?


The ICC PRO4 (desktop & browser) is specifically designed for irrigation control applications with multiple simultaneous users. The access to information is restricted to authorized and authenticated users through flexible, multi-level password authorization — from an entire system down to a single element level.


For each major system component (such as I/Os, programs, lines, sensors, reports, and more) you can define a permission level for each system user, from “not-authorized” up to “full editing privileges”.

The advanced permissions mechanism integrated into the ICC PRO4 software lets you manage the system as a hierarchy, integrating a number of control systems across the same infrastructure, and safely managing access by users with different roles such as operators, contractors, supervisors, managers, and so on.
The multi-level management control provides a:

• Control access from a single element up to the entire system
• Self-management of the  authorization mechanism
• Flexible authorization mechanism